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Authenticity in What We Make with Spencer Fry [038]

Spencer is a 32-year-old serial entrepreneur from New York. His latest project, Coach, is his fourth project, and it focuses on helping creators make a living off their passion. From email marketing to online courses to landing pages, Coach is dedicated to helping creators grow their audience while making money. (Because you're listening to this podcast, chances are you have a passion that you'd love to make a living off of, so I'm pumped to share Spencer's experiences with you.)

What It Means to Be a Creative Rebel with Violeta Nedkova [037]

Violeta is an online entrepreneur based in Bulgaria who helps creative rebels build unique and authentic businesses. She's spent the last few years exploring the online space: writing, consulting, becoming a coach, and much more. Starting this year, she's decided to make building community her biggest priority.

Does Investing in People Really Work? with Moose Winans [036]

Moose is a photographer who runs a website called, which he describes as "the beginners only tree house in a backyard filled with photographers of all skill levels." I personally have used his products to get to know my new camera and take better photos. But photography isn't Moose's greatest passion—that honor belongs to his family.

Coffee Break: Behind the scenes of a pivot [035]

It's been months and months since my last episode, but I'm coming back full swing in 2017. I've got great episodes scheduled for the next few months, so stay tuned for all of this awesomeness on creativity and making stuff with peace of mind. This first episode of the year (#035) is what I'm calling a Coffee Break, or an episode where I take you behind the scenes of my own creative process and struggles I'm navigating with my projects.

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